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The Embodied Metatribe: Yellow Rose, Green Thorn.

(This is a blog developing some of the themes I outlined in a workshop held in the Integral European Conference in May 2021. It assumes some reasonable knowledge of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory so those of you who know nothing about Ken Wilber’s work may want to give this one a miss.)  Introducing Embodiment The…
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The Fine Art of Slowing It

Those of you familiar with my outlook will know that I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is something wrong with us that needs fixing: instead, I believe that there is something deep within us that awaits our discovery. The art of delving into ourselves to find that something requires self-honesty, clarity of mind…
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Transformation is Recognition

I have met many people who long to grow wings, spread them – and fly. Flying usually implies some form of freedom of movement: in the air you can play in every direction.  How, then, to be free? First, you must know the nature of your captivity. You are embedded in millions-years-old animal reflexes, centuries…
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Befriend Your Resistance – Tantrik Style.

Resistance. It builds physical strength when you push against it. It puts you in the driving seat when you hold your boundaries and resist your date’s heavy-handed overtures. And if you resist that second scoop of salted caramel ice cream, you stand a better chance of fitting into last summer’s beachwear and touching your toes…
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