The 4 Elements of Coaching

Your magick is nothing more and nothing less than your ability to direct all aspects of your life - personal, professional, social, romantic - in accordance with your will.

What you will into existence depends upon your mindset and your talents.

The more you value yourself, the stronger your magick.

Magick is weakened by the smothering influence of upbringing and culture. We are often taught to value others at the expense of ourselves. Self-valuation is regarded as vain, selfish and narcissistic.

When you work with me, we act to optimise your mindset and develop and leverage your talents. We dis-cover the real you.

We accomplish this by activating four keys of self-actualisation. They are foundational to every aspect of your life and they will therefore transform every one of those aspects.

Peak Performance

When you know how to perform at your peak, you can do twice the amount of work in half the time, liberating time to spend with your partner, family, friends and maybe the solitary pursuits you love.

Peak Performance is your Earth element.

How do you achieve this? I can give you three Performance Keys.

These three Performance Keys will enable you to work with efficiency and clarity and build success into your personal and professional projects.

Deep Insight

The cultivation of Core Insight into your values, belief system and motivations will help you to clear away all those life-limiting messages that other people have told you about who and what you are, and how you should think and behave. I refer to these collectively as The Deficiency Myth.

Deep Insight is your Air element.

The Deficiency Myth runs deeper than your conscious mind is aware of. You will need more than a written questionnaire or a single conversation if you want to upgrade your belief system. Gaining depth of insight isn’t something you can accomplish alone, which is why most self-help books end up gathering dust on your shelf. Insight requires the sensitivity and attunement of a trusted other who can guide you into the heart of yourself.

As a psychotherapist with 25 years’ experience, I have helped hundreds of individuals get core insight into their Deficiency Myths and co-evolved highly successful challenge strategies. I am confident that I can help you in the same way.

When the clouds which obscure your vision have melted away, your sovereign self will stand in full visibility – and you will know your life purpose. This knowledge will fire your passion.

Then you will know what skills you need to learn, leverage and master.

Abundant Altruism

Altruism here refers to your relationship life, with partner, family, friends and colleagues.

None of us are islands: we exist always in relationship with others.

Altruism is the Water element. 

By altruism, I refer to the qualities of:

When you encourage others to be their best selves, they are more likely to reciprocally encourage you to do so, too. We work in synergy with other members of the human family to build a wiser and more peaceful world.

We do this through:

Core Vitality

Your best life is going to be full of amazing adventure and I find that my clients (and myself) continually revise their vision as they shed more self-limiting beliefs concerning their competence and lovability, making room for more deliciousness and less doubt.

Vitality is your Fire element.

Each new vision requires deeper reserves of vital life force. Cultivating a balanced diet and good sleep habits will resource you in this respect but when you work with me, we go deeper. I teach you yoga. Not just the posture and relaxation brands, but the inner yoga, that revitalises your core self.

The yoga I teach is a deep harnessing of your life force using posture, breath, visualisation, meditation and deep relaxation. You don’t have to be flexible or be a talented visualiser. We start with what you are able to do, novice or seasoned yogi. We scale a bespoke program according to your needs.

As a result, you will have access to greater reserves of energy than you have dreamed of. It’s the kind of energy that keeps you youthful, zesty, playful, optimistic and motivated.

N.B. You do not have to be young/flexible to practice the yoga I offer. Like everything else in your program, it will be personally tailored to your needs and abilities.

Find out how we can work together to unlock your potential

The financial cost of working with me will vary according to your particular circumstances, and the scale of guidance and help you ask of me. My minimum fee is £85 per hour.

For this, you will have access to personal time with me, PDFs, audio segments with guided meditations, texts and access to me via phone conversations.

Get in touch: we can develop a plan healthy for both parties. 

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