About You

You are an intelligent and reasonably well-resourced individual.

You know you have magick in you. You want to express your magick more fully.

You want to make changes so as to navigate the challenges and complexities of twenty-first century life with joy and ease.

You seek to do this through stepping beyond simple surviving into fully-ignited thriving.

You are an individual who will spend time looking for the best fit in your coaching journey and has scanned many websites in order to find an experienced life coach with solid skills.

The notion that cultivating kindness and compassion is integral to the success model will appeal to you.  

If you can identify with any of these issues I list below, you’ve come to the right place. I have worked successfully with all of them.

Perhaps you are:

Clients who have worked with me have had success with all of the above issues. 

I will not pester you for a testimonial until at least 1 year has elapsed since we worked. It would be easy for you to sing my praises a few days/weeks after you completed the work with me but the acid test for success lies beyond this initial euphoria. I am interested in permanent gains for you. Such gains are measured in years, not weeks.

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