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Perhaps you found me by chance or you have heard about me through friends, colleagues or social media.

You will be looking for somebody to help you move from an internal or external place of constriction and discomfort into a realm of greater spaciousness and ease characterised by joy and all manner of abundances. That’s what I do and you can find out more about myself and my work in this brief and easy-to-navigate website.

You are welcome here.

My name is Jon Skelton Pearson and I have spent the last thirty years as an enabler, multi-certified as a psychotherapist, transformational coach, yoga and modern tantra teacher. I add classical tantra ( as one immersed in the Trika lineage) and therapeutic tarot (as one also immersed in Hermetic mysticism) to the mix.  And I am deeply informed by the Integral Worldview of Ken Wilber.

I provide containers for individuals, couples and groups which transform and heal deep wounds, enable elegance and excellence in work and relating and facilitate connection with the transpersonal.

My clients are drawn from all walks of life; professional and artisanal/artistic, established and nomadic, well-known and anonymous, older and younger, wealthy and solvent. Most of my clients come from word-of-mouth which is a measure of my ability and success.

I work from Hove, UK in an office where I see individuals and couples in person or on Zoom , and I run workshops themed from modern tantra to couples therapy worldwide as part of the Paths of Transformation and Awaken As Love tribes and as Find Your Magick which I run in partnership with my wife Rose.

When you work with me, you can expect a mixture of

  • depth psychotherapy; trauma resolution, existential exploration, reweaving unwanted fixed behaviour patterns
  • transformational coaching,
  • guided healing visualisations (based on Jungian/post-Jungian archetype integrations)
  • yogasana (stretching)
  • breathwork
  • meditation training; concentration, visualisation, mindfulness
  • training in excellence; improved fitness, diet, memory, task management etc.

Our work together is co-determined and bespoke. It is also often challenging and uncomfortable as true transformation invariably is (you are getting a divorce from The Old You, after all). I am adept at building enough safety into our relationship so that you feel confident enough to take risks.  

I provide value and presence. Value because I am solidly qualified and deeply experienced; presence because I practice (or have practised) everything I offer and this has enabled me to palpably lean into the here-and-now. Thousands of hours of disciplined personal effort/surrender, deep, extensive study  experience in facilitation over 35 years have wrought me into the elder I now find myself to be, an enabler with maps, navigational skills and comradely support for your journey through the twenty-first century.

For more information, check out my blog which gives some sense of what I stand for.

Here is a brief autobiography and list of qualifications.

My current calendar of workshops, many of which are offerings with my wife Rose can be found here

If working with me interests you, you can book a free Discovery Call lasting 30 minutes to check out whether we are a fit, and, if so, how I can be of service to you. Button is at foot of all pages on this site.

I charge £75-£150 per hour and you choose how much you wish to pay.

I look forward to meeting you.     


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I worked with Jon on and off for 10 years. He held my self-harm, suicidal ideation, sexual shame and painful divorce with skill, knowledge and care. I came to understand I was participating in my own suffering, and could stop. Jon helped me meet myself - rage and all - with deeper love and less judgement.
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Jon has had a pivotal role in truly transforming my life. If you are searching for a better life path and are wanting to deal with the long-buried traumas that give rise to present anxieties, then work with Jon, not just a highly qualified and professional therapist, but a man with great integrity who is incredibly insightful, compassionate and deeply caring.
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I hold my connection with Jon, and the work we accomplished together, fondly in memory with warmth and gratitude. Jon is, indeed, an effective, authentic and compassionate therapist and coach, who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking personal growth or healing.

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