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Every one of us is born with a spark of potential that houses our power, purpose and passion.

My name is Jon Skelton Pearson and I combine life coaching, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, bodywork and productivity strategies into a force to fan that spark into a flame.

Which burns away everything that holds you back.

And enables you to live with freedom, joy, vitality and abundance.

I teach, enable, support and write.

I offer coaching programs and workshops. My work with you is bespoke and tailored entirely to your needs. 

Here are my credentials and life story 

I offer a free 30 minute informal chat. Click on the button below and drop me a line so that we can discuss your needs.

Ignite Your Life

What would you like to discover in yourself?

As a psychotherapist, life coach and yoga teacher, I have never subscribed to the idea that there is something wrong in us which needs fixing: rather there is power, purpose and passion in us which needs uncovering. I have spent my life learning how to call forth the best in others by tuning in and giving the best of myself to the transformative process.

Every one of us is on a unique journey and what works for others may not work for you. I therefore negotiate a program tailored to your needs and I don’t work with set packages. I also negotiate price in the understanding that we live in financially diverse times.

We will work together in one-to-one sessions either in person or via Zoom. Frequency and duration of sessions are negotiable. I will supply relevant written material. And you will have access to my support if the going gets tough. 

 The key to success lies in:
Realistic and selective goal-setting
Mindfully and consistently applying yourself to your program
Being kind to yourself
Giving yourself time to relax and integrate
Enabling accountability
I teach the art of surrendering to your flow as much as I engage with the fire of effort. Fire and water work in tandem.

What follows is a list of the qualities, attributes and skills you could develop when working with me.

They are the hallmarks of an ignited life.

I invite you to contemplate how you might benefit from having more of these: they are all within your reach.

Note that I describe them as works-in-process: when there’s no final outcome, the sky’s the limit!

Ignite your core self to develop…

Ever-increasing freedom from anxiety, depression and addictions 

A body possessed of greater physical strength, suppleness, stamina and immunity.

Ever-increasing control over the autonomic nervous system so that, depending on the situation, you up-regulate for resilience, down-regulate for sensitivity.

Improving memory and concentration.

Increasingly radiant inner confidence and self-motivation which naturally inspires others.

Ignite your vocational self and you could be…

Inhabiting the occupation that makes your heart sing.

Thinking outside the box: applying yourself creatively and coherently, reframing problems as opportunities for growth.

Increasing ability to complete your workload in less time with less effort using the latest findings of neuroscience and the best time management systems.

Increasing ability to communicate effectively, assertively and inspiringly.

Functioning with greater effectiveness in a team, listening and responding to colleagues free from drama and toxicity.

Ignite your relational self to develop…

Discrimination so that you choose the people in your life who nourish you and let go of relationships which chronically drain you.

Increasing power to communicate your needs clearly and honestly, encouraging the trust of others.

Increasing ability to set boundaries aligned with your value system.

Mastery of a gold star consent practice through which you encourage relational depth with those who matter most.

Ignite your Life

Client Testimonials

Jon has had a pivotal role in truly transforming my life.

If you are searching for a better life path and are wanting to deal with the long-buried traumas that give rise to present anxieties, then work with Jon, not just a highly qualified and professional therapist, but a man with great integrity who is incredibly insightful, compassionate and deeply caring. 


Health and Life Sciences Business Advisor

I worked with Jon on and off for 10 years. He held my self-harm, suicidal ideation, sexual shame and painful divorce with skill, knowledge and care.

I came to understand I was participating in my own suffering, and could stop.

Jon helped me meet myself – rage and all – with deeper love and less judgement.



I hold my connection with Jon, and the work we accomplished together,fondly in memory with warmth and gratitude. 

Jon is, indeed, an effective, authentic and compassionate therapist and coach, who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking personal growth or healing.



Thirty Years of Expertise

I have a broad skillset acquired over the last thirty years. Here are my main qualifications.

Life Coaching

I have coached since 2017 having graduated from Integral Coaching Canada, one of the worlds leading life coaching training programs.  I chose to invest time and energy training in Canada because I consider that this course is the best that the world has to offer.


I have worked as a psychotherapit since 1997, and am qualified as a Registered Transactional Analyst and Certified Integral Psychotherapist.  I have worked extensively with individuals, couples and groups and held a practice at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy for 20 years.

I supervise and occasionally run psychotherapy training workshops.

Yoga Teaching

I hold a Teaching Diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga (since 1991) and have trained and taught yoga poturework, breathwork, relaxation, meditation and lifestyle since then.

I practice daily.

I founded the Calderdale Yoga Centre in 2009. 

You have this one life to live.

Are you willing to live it to the full?

To energise your spark into a flame, burning with passion, power and purpose?

I am here to serve your personal evolution in any and all of its aspects with respect, encouragement, kindness, sincerity and expertese. These are the qualities I, in turn, ask of the world and all the people in it.

Click below to connect with me. Arrange a 30 minute free ignition call and subscribe to my newsletter. 

Ignite your Life
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