Jon Skelton Pearson: Life Coaching

Welcome. Thanks for visiting my website.

I offer my services as life coach and psychotherapist without hype, fluff or padding, backed by solid qualifications and extensive experience which you can read about here.

I can help you to make deep and lasting transformations in any and all aspects of your life: personal, social, professional, relational and spiritual.

All of us have an Inner Calling. There’s nothing new age about it. It’s the calling which prompted you to check out this website. The Inner Calling invite you to make changes that result in personal wellbeing, material abundance and spiritual fulfilment.

We hear that guiding Voice more clearly when we slow down enough to focus within. So I invite you to read on and slow down. Don’t skim over these words. They seek to serve you.

When we hear our Inner Calling, and act upon it, the success and fulfilment we dream about manifests in our lives naturally and with ease. Life starts to unfold with a minimum of effort, with gracefulness, with elegance, with joy and spontaneity.

I know how to help you to listen to the voice of your Inner Calling, and how to transmit its message into powerful, life-affirming actions.

This process involves leverage of those capabilities you need to exercise in order to manifest your best life. They involve opening your heart, your voice, your body and your spirit as much as they do your mind.

These capabilities are like the small muscles in your body which don’t get used unless you exercise and stretch in a particular way. When you build these muscles up, they result in an overall improvement in the way your whole body functions which didn’t seem realistic or possible when you started out.

In a similar way, training those select capabilities which serve your Inner Calling improve your life beyond your expectations. We don’t set lots of goals and throw massive amounts of willpower into the project because experience has taught me that this approach is likely to result in failure and shame.

I begin working with you at your starting point, not one I have devised. Many people I work with come to me knowing that they want their lives to be somehow more rewarding but there’s a fuzziness around what that actually means for them and they don’t know where to begin. If this is you, don’t worry, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Not knowing is where we start.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation via Zoom, or in person if you live in Brighton, UK where I live. Contact me to book an appointment.