You are not something broken which needs fixing.

You are somebody amazing who awaits discovery.

Your magicklies within.

I offer you personally-tailored transformational life coaching programs which utilise four elements to unlock your magick…

Dis-covering your innate magick unlocks your potential for designing your life as you want to live it, freed from the expectations of others, your culture, your society. Learn to live in alignment with your own inner guidance. Fulfil yourself in full connection with yourself, others and your environment.

The magickian lives in alignment with their inner vision rather than fantasies based on what s/he believes the other wants from them.

The magickian lives and loves as a sovereign being.

The magickian has full capacity for mastery in tasks and intimacy in relationships. S/he radiates power without seeking to dominate.

Life coaching can help you to cultivate these elements in your life. 

Work with me and I will train you as a magickian. I will craft a unique transformational program tailored to your needs and personality.

My name is Jon Skelton Pearson and I am fully qualified as a transformational life coach, psychotherapist and yoga/tantra teacher. I have spent forty years researching and practising methods of personal growth, trauma healing and spiritual insight.

You can read more about me here.

Four Keys unlock your magickal potential

We negotiate your personal program which will involve all four elements working in harmony.

Peak Performance

Do twice as much work in half the time so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Learning, leveraging and mastering skills quickly and effectively, all in the service of your best life.

Deep Insight

Know your values, belief system and motivation. Burn off your Deficiency Myth. 

Deep Insight gives you clarity and liberates your purpose.

Abundant Altruism

Often overlooked in life coaching programs, cultivating altruism keeps you harmoniously connected to others and to your environment. None of us are islands. 

Altruism is the source of your Power. 

Core Vitality

Harness your life-force in the service of your best life. 

This liberates your Passion.

Imagine a life where:

I can help you make these four work in synergy

Cross-training produces powerful, rapid, lasting changes.
Click below to unpack these ingredients.


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I worked with Jon on and off for 10 years. He held my self-harm, suicidal ideation, sexual shame and painful divorce with skill, knowledge and care. I came to understand I was participating in my own suffering, and could stop. Jon helped me meet myself - rage and all - with deeper love and less judgement.
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Jon has had a pivotal role in truly transforming my life. If you are searching for a better life path and are wanting to deal with the long-buried traumas that give rise to present anxieties, then work with Jon, not just a highly qualified and professional therapist, but a man with great integrity who is incredibly insightful, compassionate and deeply caring.
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I hold my connection with Jon, and the work we accomplished together, fondly in memory with warmth and gratitude. Jon is, indeed, an effective, authentic and compassionate therapist and coach, who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking personal growth or healing.

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