Our coaching Journey

Step 1 – Discovery

We begin by arranging a free-of-charge 30 minute Discovery Call on Zoom.

This enables:

  • You to check out whether we are a fit
  • Me to check out whether we are a fit
  • Us to sketch out what your best life looks like

Step 2 – Ignition

We arrange an Ignition Call. This lasts for 90 minutes and your investment may well be amongst the best £95 you have ever spent.

It may also be one of your more challenging experiences.

By the end of this call, I hope to have helped you to uncover your Deficiency Myth and your self-sabotage tactics. Although a full appraisal of your mindset would take many hours, this will be sufficient for us to work on undermining both Myth and tactics. We will return to this material throughout the work as we unearth more material.  

Step 3 – Continuing the Journey

You decide whether you want to work with me.

If you do, we negotiate my hourly fee. You buy my personal time with you which is billed at £85 per hour minimum. You pay into my account and we keep a tab on the time you spend with me. This allows for flexibility on both sides; you may have weeks when you need more time, other weeks when you need less, or none.

If you prefer to work from a fixed fee, no problem. I can create a package that is geared to that fee. Prices start from £495. For this, you get the same bespoke package but tailored to a specific time period.

Direct contact time includes:

  • Personal coaching sessions lasting 30 mins to 120 mins in length
  • Brief 10-15 minute cheerleadings
  • Briefer inspirational phone calls/texts

Additional hourly rate fee will cover the time I spend devising and delivering your Personal Transformation Program. This will take the form of:

  • Downloadable questionnaires
  • Exercises
  • Daily/weekly practices

We will evaluate your progress at regular intervals and adjust where necessary; sometimes you may find that you don’t gel with a practice and I will alter the program to dovetail with your needs.

Your program will integrate tools for Peak Performance, Deep Insight, Core Vitality and Abundant Altruism.

You can renegotiate your program at each step of your journey if you need to.

If you need clarification for any of these points, and if you want to check me out, book a Discovery Call. No fee.

Discovery Call

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