Our coaching Journey

1. beginnings

Our journey begins by  your arranging a free-of-charge 30 minute Discovery Call on Zoom.

This enables:

  • You to check out whether we are a fit
  • Me to check out whether we are a fit
  • Us to sketch out what changes to your life you seek to make and how I can be of service to you in this respect.

2. The Setting

If you decide to work with me we can do this via a dedicated Zoom link or in person in my office in Hove. Some clients choose a hybrid setting arrangement. All fine by me. 

Our journey will be co-created.

We navigate the fee; I charge £75-£150 per hour according to your means and you decide how much you wish to pay. Once I agree to work with you, I will trust your integrity regarding how much you can afford.


3. The journey itself

We meet once a week/fortnight and take the journey.

There are many possibilities in our encounters of exploration and transformation.

What do our encounters look like?  Expect a potential smorgasbord of opportunity.

When you work with me, you can expect a mixture of

  • depth psychotherapy; trauma resolution, existential exploration, reweaving unwanted fixed behaviour patterns
  • transformational coaching,
  • guided healing visualisations (based on Jungian/post-Jungian archetype integrations)
  • yogasana (stretching)
  • breathwork
  • meditation training; concentration, visualisation, mindfulness
  • training in excellence; improved fitness, diet, memory, task management etc.


Our work together is co-determined and bespoke. It is also often challenging and uncomfortable as true transformation invariably is (you are getting a divorce from The Old You, after all). I am adept at building enough safety into our relationship so that you feel confident enough to take risks.  

4. journeys end

Our relationship continues until you decide that you have reached the altitude of life satisfaction you desire, and it is you who ends the work, not myself. When you decide to do this you give

  • One session notice if you have been working for less than 6 months
  • Three sessions if the work has lasted more than three weeks.
  • Or else, we can organise more closure sessions if felt appropriate. 


Please note that I will not ask you for a testimonial unless you expressly want to give one, or after one years completion of work. Writing from the elated state of new-found personal change can unrealistically portray the competence of the facilitator in an excited, inflated style. I would prefer to curate realistic testimonials from my clients who have experienced true and lasting transformation. 

Discovery Call

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